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Mar. 16th, 2010



Derp derp derp.

Dorks Marrying Dorks.

So, Silvius and I are on Skype (I'm not explaining), and someone outside is drilling. So Silvius says:


See You, Space Cowboy

Some days, I just wanna pack the car and go to Florida.

Anyone wanna come?

This is Why I Don't Teach Kindergarten

I taught a lesson on the seasons today to my kindergarten class.

It fell flat.

On top of that, it was a third of the length it needed to be.\


So I'm here hiding in the computer lab watching a clip of Boosh that purposely freaks me out because it's a complete morbid fascination.


Bloody hell.

Forrest called. I feel like such crap.


My voice is changing...

:D :D :D


More Poetry!

More poems should anyone be interested.

ColoursCollapse )


Six Flags "Out in the Park" pics are up at my facebook, and I'm puttin' em here, too!

EDIT: fuck it, just, here's a link to the gallery: Too much trouble to post all the pics.


Boom de yada, boom de yada.

Your Shipment Has Arrived

So- today's fail:
-Parking ticket ($5)
-Missed class (It ENDS at two PM, not be-fucking-gins.)
-Made Silvius sad. (He just wanted to spend time with me, and I was frustrated with technology.)

Gotta go try NOT to fail at getting to a meeting on time.