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I just found this comic and need to share.


I wrote two poems today!

I'm in creative writing instead of acting. :( But it'll be okay.

Natural and VigilCollapse )
I'm in the Student Center doing homework on a Saturday afternoon before school has even started.


I'm so hungry and the cafeteria doesn't open for old students until Monday. :(

Antony sad.

Otter Brook Dam, 5-6 am.

Hello, all.

I decided that Mountain Dew at 8pm was a good idea last night.

I haven't slept yet.

I do, however have pretty pictures of Otter Brook Dam.

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So I was totally in the ER again two days ago.

I was getting blood drawn, and they needed to stick me twice-- I didn't give them the 'script (my fault, even though I didn't know I was supposed to) --and between the low blood sugar from fasting and the three or four vials of blood, *whump*.

I woke up with like, six nurses around me telling me that I was okay. Well, clearly I wasn't, or I wouldn't have fainted.

I spent the morning and a good chunk of the afternoon in the ER. Silvius and Justin were in the waiting room, and due to a bitchy nurse, essentially cut off from entering and seeing me. With crappy cell phone service, I didn't know what was going on with them. Next time, I will bloody DEMAND that they be let through! I've learned that lesson.

I'm still a bit dizzy every now and then, so I've been keeping an eye on that.

Also, one of my bosses called me in for a meeting and told me that I "wasn't productive enough."

Fuck you, Chris.

Jul. 13th, 2009

What up, shag?

Still alive, yo.

Come visit me at le Target.
In case anyone is interested, I'm selling my Sailormoon backpack on eBay.

Also, I feel very un-changed with the testosterone. I know it's only the first shot, but I'm really anxious and impatient.

Writer's Block: Regrets Only

Do you think that animals feel regret?

No. That is entirely a human conception. It's foolish to think otherwise.
Gay New Hampshireites can marry as of Jan. 1st, 2010!


Look to the Future with Love

Silvius and I have been talking quite a bit, and we've discovered that new plans are in order. I will go to France and teach English for a few years or so (I wouldn't mind going back to Rennes and teaching there, even-- I MISS the food). It's so comforting to know that the next journey I take is one which I will not be taking alone.

I don't think I could go back to France alone... I'd probably have a PTSD moment and fly right the fuck home like I should've done the first time.

Anyway, after that, we'll settle down in England or Scotland, where I will teach Elementary/prmary school and those children will be my children.

I have always wanted kids, but Silvius didn't. It broke my heart when we finally talked about it. But then, recently, we talked about it again, and he put it to me this way:

There are three things that are important in life: Your partner, your career, and children. He asked me to prioritize them. My priorities are: Silvius, teaching, and then children. He posed to me that if children are third and last on the list, perhaps I need to rethink having them.

And he was right. Now I can go on, happy in knowing that I will not be exactly childless because of my students. I feel content and indeed look happily toward the future knowing that they are waiting for me and I can give them everything I have, and happily come home to Silvius.

I feel very secure now with these plans.